Nothing can be more frustrating than having to return home from work only to discover that your garage’s remote does not work. While there can be many reasons why the remote isn’t working, there are often a few common reasons that are relatively easy to fix on your own. But sometimes it can also be caused by Broken Springs That Prevent The Door From Moving.

The Batteries Are Dead

Dead or Depleted Batteries are amongst the most common reasons why the remote does not work. Similar to a remote for your TV, the batteries have only a certain number of hours’ worth of juice in them.

Generally, a fresh set of batteries will last you an average of 24 months. Though to stay on the safe side, we’d recommend changing the batteries every year.

If the wall-mounted control panel is working fine, then that means the batteries in your remote are dead.

Something is Disrupting the Signal From the Remote

Now, if your remote still does not work after replacing the batteries, then there is something interfering with the signal from the remote to the receiver.

Often this situation can be caused by a signal interruption by the remote being out of range or the opener’s receiver being damaged.

The best way to find out is to get close to your garage door and test the remote. If it still does not work, then there is a good chance that the receiver’s antennae are broken or damaged. In that case, you’ll need to have a garage door expert like us take a look.

The Lock Button Has Been Engaged

The other very simple fix is to ensure that the lock button on the wall’s mounted control panel isn’t engaged. It is pretty easy to press the button without knowing it while performing everyday tasks. All you have to do is press it again to unlock the door and test if the remote is working.

The GFI Is Blown

The GFI is another common reason why the garage door’s remote control may not be working. The Ground Fault Interpreter (GFI) helps to protect your home from various electrical dangers like overheating.

If you’ve used a hairdryer and then hit the reset button on the outlet, that’s precisely what the GFI does, i.e., it prevents the load from burning out the fuse.

A malfunctioning GFI generally stops the door from functioning, or it might start to suck power from the backup battery. However, by quickly fixing the GFI, pressing the reset button on the wall that’s located in the laundry room or maybe in the bathroom should be back to normal.


After you have followed through all the troubleshooting steps above and still find that the garage door does not work, when you press a button on the remote, you will need to call us.

We have a team of expert garage door technicians who will inspect your garage door and fix it. If there is faulty hardware, we will replace it with new parts.