Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

O ver the past few years, we’ve repaired and helped maintain hundreds of garage doors across the city. However, the one thing we’ve seen across most of these doors is that they aren’t well maintained.

Garage door owners believe that annual lubrication is all they need to keep it running, which isn’t the case. So, in reality, if you want to avoid garage door repairs, you’ll want to invest in professional maintenance like the type we provide.

Garage Door Maintenance Service - Element Garage Doors & Openers

Highly Professional Garage Door Repair

Our approach to garage door repair is thorough but is based on the type of door we are dealing with and its issue. That said, we thoroughly inspect all garage doors before attempting to fix it.

Our goal is not only to fix the problem reported to us but also what caused it in the first place. That is why we can guarantee that the garage doors we fix will continue to work for years to come. No other Garage Door Service can offer this level of repair!

Complete Garage Door Tune-Up at Your Doorstep

Creaking, noisy chains, whining motors are all signs that your garage door requires a tune-up. If it isn’t tuned up in time, the garage door will require repairs. Not to mention that a garage door that isn’t properly tuned up uses more electricity and is highly unreliable.

So, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble with our garage door tune-up service.

Thorough Garage Door Maintenance that Works!

Your garage door requires maintenance beyond just general lubrication. It requires an inspection and a long list of maintenance procedures to extend its life. That’s why our techs run through a checklist to ensure that all aspects of your garage door are well maintained.

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Don’t leave garage door repairs to low cost, but untrustworthy technicians. Your garage door costs hundreds of dollars, and the slightest mistake can cost you a few hundred to repair it. That’s why you should only trust your garage door to certified and seasoned professionals like us!

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